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Some useful stuff...

How Blame Affects Relationships

How Blame Affects Relationships

When a problem gets out of hand, we often hear people blaming others or even blaming themselves. It’s usually driven by fear/anger or some heightened negative emotion. When I was small I had no brothers or sisters and when I spilled my drink or something was broken etc I would tell my mother “Teddy did …

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Be Happy with Yourself

Be Happy With Yourself

Without realising we have, as individuals, developed a way of assessing our self worth in the world based on our experiences as we have grown. These experiences lead us to rank ourselves, comparing who we are to others, even berating and torturing ourselves for not being good enough. Sometimes this leads to serious mental health …

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How Weight Loss Works

How Weight Loss Works

I’m not a weight loss expert by any means but I can talk with some authority about the psychological aspect of it and give you some food for thought … excuse the pun! If you want leverage on your weight loss it’s important to take a look at your relationship to food and your thoughts, …

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Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People

We find them in just about every area of life in varying degrees , those people who have the art of being unreasonable , objectionable and darn right irritating ! So what can you do with them ? How can we manage the situation and what makes the difference ? The truth is we actually …

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