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What Clients Say...

What Clients Say...

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Reading feedback from some of my past clients will help you take that first step to get in touch so I can help you too!

A cleansing of the soul, a lightening of the spirit: Nicky’s sessions are truly the best mental detox I have ever had, and she comes on the journey alongside you with compassion, warmth and joy.


Nicky is brilliant. Her friendly attitude makes it easy to feel comfortable and she will gently guide you through the NLP process using a variety of techniques. It really works, I was sceptical as to how it would help me, but a few weeks after attending a session with her I started noticing that I felt generally happier and more level headed about everything. She always offers a safe space to explore the deeper causes behind your problems.

J Mullinder

I have to admit that at first I was slightly skeptical about NLP, but how wrong I was. Straight away I found Nicky warm and approachable and felt safe with her. We focused on procrastination, but Nicky soon discovered that other issues kept coming up and seemlessly addressed those problems as well and the result was astonishing. I would recommend Nicky to everyone. Her kind nature is motivating and inspiring. I feel so much more confident and positive now, and yes, no procrastination! Thank you Nicky.

H Beier

Nicky Helped me so much in finding out who I was and build new processes to live a content life. All it takes is letting her Nlp skills help you,  help yourself

O Morgan

It was my first time doing NLP and I was nervous to begin. Nicky put me at ease immediately and created a safe space for me; I felt very comfortable. The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. What we achieved I had not come close to achieving in therapy. The pattern that was causing anxiety for me my whole life is gone after our first session. This has had a huge impact on my life. I cannot recommend Nicky enough she is amazing at what she does!


I’m very pleased with my NLP therapy. Always conducted in warm relaxing atmosphere. Helped me unpeeled few layers of onion and get to the core of unhealthy running patterns. My life seems to be a lot more organised and happier. Nicky is not just my therapist, she’s my friend and I would definitely recommend her to future clients.


As a health and personal development coach, I understand the value of working with somebody on the areas of life where you feel stuck or just aren’t achieving whatever it is that you want.  I asked Nicky to support me in identifying and resolving issues around being organised and making good use of my time.  I was amazed and delighted at how I could explore different aspects of my life and develop new ways of doing things.  I then had a second session during which we had a conversation and then Nicky gently guided me on an inner journey to enable my subconscious to move forwards.  Results are what matter and I have now commenced the main task that was holding me back and, surprise, surprise – it’s nowhere near as bad as I was making it out to be.  She also has great energy and it was a pleasure to work with her.  Therefore, I thoroughly recommend speaking to Nicky if you want to explore interesting and innovative solutions to your issues.

Sam Neffendorf (Freedom Here and Now)

I can’t thank you enough Nicky.  Since having NLP with you you have given me the confidence I was lacking to tackle everyday aspects of my life.  The most profound effect was giving me the strength to come off my anti-depressants which I was taking for 12 years.  This is such a powerful technique and I can’t recommend Nicky enough.  She’s a genuine, lovely person and I know she can definitely help you.


I have been working with Nicky for several sessions now, and the changes that have happened in my life have been quite staggering.  I have gone from having very little confidence, to feeling comfortable and strong in pretty much any environment.  Nicky is very patient and is very understanding.  I am very happy that I had the opportunity to work with her and would reccomend her to anyone.

Paul Speight

I have found every one of my meetings with Nicky invaluable. Not only did she create a safe and relaxed atmosphere for us to work together, EVERY session had an instant result. I feel if you are willing to go where Nicky leads you, you too will be reaping the benefits from your NLP sessions with her.

L. Archer

I have worked with Nicky on a number of occasions and she has always made me feel comfortable and in a safe environment to work on issues. I have received profound results and insight from the work, and useful tools to assist me away from the session in everyday development situations. I would definitely recommend Nicky.

M. Harvey

I worked with Nicky over a period of a few weeks when I was going through a real transitional period in my professional life. The work we did together has proved highly effective in improving both my confidence levels, self-belief and tangible results in my business.Her calm and considerate demeanour regularly put me at ease – particularly with some of the more out of the ordinary techniques that NLP occasionally requires. If you are open-minded it really will work. Nicky’s professionalism, methodical approach and caring attitude is a real asset and she knows just how to strike the right balance both before, during and after sessions.I would not hesitate to recommend her.

L. Barnett

Nicky’s skills and understanding enable her to able to create a relaxed and supportive environment for one-to-one work while remaining totally professional. She explains the process of the session clearly at the start and when necessary throughout, allowing the client to be open and explore with confidence. With Nicky’s guidance I was able to experience an awareness that has helped me move into a more effective and positive place in both my private and professional life.

J Phillips

From the first time we spoke on the phone I knew that Nicky was someone that I would be able to work alongside and I know, from personal experience, that this relationship is key to the success of any type of therapy. Nicky is warm and empathetic and she genuinely cares about the well-being of her clients. Nicky spent quality time with me in each session, never hurrying me, but spending the time that she felt was needed. This was above and beyond what I had expected. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none. NLP helped me with a wide range of issues including: tacking my fear of aeroplane turbulence, OCD and many behavioural characteristics linked to tackling problems and issues, stress/low mood, personal relationships and self esteem. After each session I would leave with some follow-up ideas to compliment the treatment in that meeting. Nicky would also email me notes from the session so that I could reflect back on these. I have been delighted with the positive changes that I have seen in response to NLP and my sessions with Nicky and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I genuinely credit her with changing my life!

Helen S

NLP was a new concept to me prior to meeting Nicky. I had tried various types of counselling to battle depression, overcome fears and build confidence /self esteem. Nicky has helped me no end. She is hugely approachable, friendly and very good at her job! The great thing about NLP is that you do not have to endlessly relive traumatic events and the techniques worked almost overnight for me! NLP has made massive changes to my life and how I approach things. I would recommend Nicky to anyone who is struggling with any issue in any aspect of their life… as a physiotherapist I am exploring the possibilities of using these techniques with patients to help them move forward.

H Craker

I found my sessions with Nicky extremely helpful, and a truly enlightening experience. I’m only sorry I didn’t discover her sooner. The service she provided was non-invasive, neither rushed nor forced, and I felt really comfortable throughout. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to find a real way of coping or managing things that feel beyond their control, no matter how big or small. Nicky made me realise that I could conquer it.

A Andrews

Nicky Maidment is an excellent NLP Master Practitioner. She is highly skillful and effective, basing her intervention on a sound theoretical basis, with an ability to get to the core of an issue. Her warmth, encouragement and sensitivity, enables deep and long lasting change to take place in a safe and supportive environment. I would highly recommend her without reservation.

F Cooper (University lecturer)

I needed some help to stop smoking, have smoked for 10 years, did not remember how it feels to be a non-smoker! Since my session, in which a number of techniques were used, I have not even had slight urge to want to light up. I have no problem with people smoking around me and I feel like a new person. I felt the session was really comfortable, relaxing and an extremely positive experience. I would recommend this to anyone who actually wanted to make a positive step to improve their own well being – its been worth every penny for me!

A Binsted

I was really pleased with the results I got and how quickly they’ve come about. I’m now well on my way to changing my career and have altered my life considerably since using NLP with Nicky. She’s great to work with. I would definitely go back.

P Barden